Benefits Of Polyaspartic Garage Flooring

On February 22, 2022

Every garage needs sturdy and reliable flooring. Between corrosion from heavy machinery and the sheer amount of traffic that constantly travels through the garage, a high-quality, stable floor is essential to making your garage floor last for years.

Polyaspartic flooring has recently become one of the most popular floor options on the market, even beating more popular epoxy floors. Not only is the application of polyaspartic floors easy, but the results are long-lasting and ultra-durable.

Keep reading to find out why polyaspartic material is one of the best for garage flooring and its benefits.

What is Polyaspartic Flooring?

Polyaspartic flooring is a floor coating that professionals use to coat tile, painted, and concrete floors. The material is derived from the polyurethane compound. It dries quickly, creating a surface that is both durable and flexible at the same time.

When creating a polyaspartic coating, professionals must combine two separate compounds. After mixing them, the resulting polyaspartic material hardens very quickly. Thus, application of the coating requires certain equipment to ensure it does not dry unevenly.

The strength of polyaspartic flooring stems from the bond it makes with existing floors. The coating penetrates porous parts of concrete, thus creating an adhesive bond of over 500 psi. This incredibly strong adhesion anchors the coating, allowing it to sustain an impact without damage.

What’s the Difference between Polyaspartic and Epoxy Floor Coating?

The biggest difference between epoxy and polyaspartic coatings is how quickly they dry. A layer of polyaspartic garage flooring can take only one hour to dry, while epoxy can take up to 16 hours.

Polyaspartic and epoxy are both highly durable floors, but epoxy is still vulnerable to abrasions. Epoxy can also yellow over time with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Still, there are some benefits to opting for an epoxy floor, as the material is much more affordable and slip-resistant. Most polyaspartic floors need traction additives to become non-slip. Thus, both floors have their pros and cons.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Polyaspartic Floor Coating?

If you can afford to get a polyaspartic floor coating, the experts at CSR Painting recommend it. Polyaspartic material is one of the best types of garage flooring on the market and can fulfill the needs of any business or residence in need of ultra-durable floors.

We can apply polyaspartic coatings to more than just garage flooring as well. The material is also a fantastic alternative for:

  • Floor areas with high traffic, such as malls or restaurants
  • Lining industrial components such as manholes, pipes, sewer tanks, and more
  • Antiseptic environments such as hospitals and doctor’s offices
  • And more

Here are the main benefits to getting polyaspartic flooring:

High Tolerance to Temperature and UV

If your garage is constantly exposed to sunlight and/or drastic temperature changes, polyaspartic floors are for you. This floor coating can resist temperatures of -30°F to 140°F, so it is perfect for both freezing and boiling climates.

Where epoxy floors may be slightly yellow over time due to UV exposure, polyaspartic is also resistant to these effects.

Stain, Chemical, and Impact Resistant

Polyaspartic coatings deflect abrasions and staining. Thus, the material will remain clear and glossy even with exposure to moisture. It can also resist industrial chemicals and even mild acids, meaning you can spill without any worry.

This unique material also easily holds up against constant wear and tear from heavy machinery such as agricultural or commercial vehicles.

Quick Installation

As we mentioned, one layer of polyaspartic flooring dries in one hour. Clients and work can thus resume only after a few hours of work, meaning you may not lose an entire day of business while we install your floors.

Attractive Gloss Finish

Because polyaspartic coating is stain, UV, chemical, etc. resistant, it maintains a beautiful gloss finish throughout its lifetime. This high gloss finish helps maintain the color of the floors underneath the coating and adds a professional feel to your space.

Where Can I Get the Best Polyaspartic Coating in San Diego, CA?

Polyaspartic coating is a fantastic garage floor option if you’re looking for strong and long-lasting flooring. For the best polyaspartic floor installation in San Diego, contact CSR Painting.

At CSR Painting, we are experts in both painting and floor coatings. We have over 13 years of experience serving San Diego County in Southern California and would be happy to help you install incredible new flooring.

For new, state-of-the-art garage flooring, call us at (858) 284-7743 or request a free quote online today.

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