Cabinet Door Replacement and Cabinet Refacing: Everything You Need to Know

On July 29, 2022

When looking around your kitchen or bathroom, if you find that the space does not quite look how you want it to, or if your current cabinets have signs of wear from over the years, it might be time for a completely new style. Either way, cabinets significantly influence how a kitchen or bathroom looks.

If you want to remodel your kitchen, you will need to decide between cabinet replacing and refacing. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor making suggestions to a potential client, knowing which option is best is essential.

Replacing Your Cabinets

Cabinet replacing involves removing the current cabinet box structure and the doors and replacing them with entirely new cabinets. When replacing cabinets, homeowners will often replace their lower and upper cabinets simultaneously. This allows them to pick the same or similar materials, colors, styles, and finishes.

Cost of Replacing Cabinets

New cabinets cost more than just swapping out the doors. A complete cabinet replacement could cost anywhere between $3,000 to $18,000. Depending on your specific needs, it may cost more or less than that range. The cost of replacing cabinets increases or decreases based on various factors like your location, as some places will have higher prices than others. The cost to replace cabinets can also depend on:

  • The cabinet style: When replacing kitchen cabinets, you must pick between stock, custom, and semi-custom. If you need a custom or semi-custom solution, that will have a higher cost because they require more time and sometimes more materials to make. However, suppose your kitchen has a unique layout or dimensions that are not standard. In that case, you must order custom or semi-custom cabinets.
  • The layout:If you have a large layout to install, new cabinets will be more expensive. Also, you will likely have to spend more money on larger kitchens or bathrooms since you might need more materials.
  • The material:Some materials will cost more than others. For example, compared to wood alternatives, solid wood can be expensive. In addition, certain wood types are more expensive than others based on availability, durability, and other qualities.
  • The style: Cabinet door styles that are more intricate may be more expensive than more straightforward options. While choosing simple cabinet designs will help keep the overall cost down, you do not want to compromise on the style and function of your kitchen to save money.

Refacing Your Cabinets

Cabinet refacing involves replacing the cabinet doors, drawers, and end pieces without destroying the current cabinet boxes. Changing the look of cabinets can be done by sanding, priming, and painting the surfaces, but an easier option is refacing. This is where new doors, drawers, veneers, and end panels are purchased.

When refacing cabinets, you can still choose new materials, colors, and door styles. Still, those details will only exist in the new doors, not the entire cabinet itself. Since the cabinet doors create the look of your cabinet, there is no need to replace anything but the doors and drawers.

Cost of Refacing Cabinets

The cost of cabinet door replacement will depend on your chosen material and how many doors are being replaced. Depending on the type of wood and size, replacing cabinet doors could cost anywhere from $50 to $90 per door. However, drawer fronts can range from $30 to $50, which is way less expensive than replacing the entire cabinet layout.

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