Choosing The Best Color For Your Trim

On January 19, 2022

When we think about interior painting, most people initially think about the color of the walls. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of interior painting is the wall trim. Wall trim can have a picturesque effect on the way that you and your guests perceive the room.

In addition, interior wall trim can highlight a room and give it definition. It may present itself in the form of door casings, paneling, pillars, or chair-rail molding.

Wall trim is like the frame of a picture frame. It borders and outlines the thing inside of it and enhances the aesthetics of the overall scene.

The importance of a beautiful wall trim cannot be understated. So, when choosing the best color for your wall trim, you want to consider a few different things.

Choosing The Best Color For Your Trim

A general rule of thumb says that you should paint the main areas of your home the same color to create a uniform look from room to room.

With that said, in individual bedrooms or bathrooms, you can experiment with creating more exciting and unique color combinations. You usually do this when you want to emphasize some aspects of your wall trim.

When choosing the color of your wall trim, you can simplify it down to three options. You can either go lighter, darker or go with the same color. Here is when you would choose each one of these options.

Going Lighter

Typically, you would choose lighter colors for wall trim when you have a home with a classical or traditional architectural style. Design experts will usually select white as the ideal color for wall trim because white trim will brighten the room and make the wall color pop and stand out.

Going Darker

Choosing a dark wall trim is a newer and more recent type of style in interior painting. Some people enjoy dark trim because it adds more depth to the room, and it may contrast nicely with your home style. However, dark trim is usually paired with soft blues, greens, or grays and is often associated with “trendier” and “experimental” interior styles.

Going With The Same Color

For homes with a contemporary style, experts in design will usually suggest pairing your trim with the color of your walls. The thought is that using the same color gives the room a fresh and wholesome appearance. Sometimes, design experts will pair undertones of the same base colors to help provide a uniform appearance and stand out.

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