Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Exterior Paint

On December 8, 2021

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Is a Fresh Coat of Paint All It Takes?

It is easy to see when a San Diego home could do with a fresh coat of paint, but is exterior painting the right solution for all types of homes in the area? If the old color is fading, chipping, cracking, or losing the shine it once had, a new coat of high-quality paint could do wonders for the aesthetic appeal and property value simultaneously.

Seven Quick House Painting Tips From California Professionals

One of the most common mistakes when choosing to paint the home’s exterior is not selecting the right paint, but there is more to the selection than brands, glosses, and colors. Here are seven tips for success in your next exterior painting project from the professionals at CSR Painting in San Diego, CA.

#1 California’s Weather Matters

Before the start of the project, the first consideration for a successful exterior painting project is the climate. Whether it is constant exposure to the sun or rain, these conditions wreak havoc on exterior house colors without the right base and texture at hand.

The right paint quality is vital to keeping a fresh look for your home’s paint job. Inferior paint sustains damage from constant exposure to UV rays that separates the paint’s compounds and allows rain to wash it away. The home will have a faded look, and the paint will swell, crack, flake, or blister.

What kind of paint will work best for California’s weather year-round? A high-quality paint that matches the undercoat material.

#2 Choosing The Wrong Exterior Color for House Painting Is An Expensive Mistake

Knowing whether the undercoat is oil or latex-based is essential to choosing the right kind of paint. In California, a home’s exposure to the sun and moisture is relentless, and oil and latex-based paints both have unique benefits. However, the CSR Painting experts do not recommend using latex paint on top of oil-based paint because the chemical structure is incompatible.

The latex-based paint will not adhere to the oil-based paint underneath it, and peeling will be inevitable. Using a higher quality paint might solve this exterior painting problem, but it will cost more. If the homeowner is unsure, it is always best to consult with a professional service like CSR Painting before choosing a paint that will retain its initial color for longer.

#3 Do Not Ignore The Prominent Styles In The Neighborhood

A common mistake homeowners make in their exterior painting projects is to ignore the properties around them. Aesthetic continuity makes a difference as to how visitors or potential buyers perceive a house, and homeowners are better off choosing an exterior house paint color that fits the theme of the neighborhood. Continuity also safeguards property values in the area.

Many homeowners associations provide guidelines that include an accepted list of colors, and this is a crucial consideration before updating a home’s exterior.

#4 Select Paint Colors Based on Exterior Painting Samples, Not Print Samples

While print samples are an excellent way to explore the range of colors available, it is far more effective to test the tone on a wood sample or similar material to your home’s walls. Materials like wood absorb paint differently and change how the final color appears in the natural light. Absorption changes the paint’s tint considerably, and it may look like a completely different tone from the homeowner’s original expectation.

A wood sample helps narrow down the right house paint color as a homeowner sees how much the wood absorbs the paint and how drastically the hue changes. If it is not possible to bring along a sample to paint, the other option is to test the color in a less visible area of the home. Always wait a few days to see how the exterior painting sample looks with maximum absorption before deciding whether the color is perfect or not.

#5 Prepare the Surface Properly To Avoid Extra Expenses

Neglecting to prepare the painting surface is a huge mistake, and it could cost homeowners a lot of time and money to rectify the flaws that are sure to follow. For homeowners with limited hours and costs, planning for the project should always include proper preparations, like cleaning, sanding, and priming the exterior of the home. If not, the paint job will take a considerable number of coats to improve the house’s exterior and may fade or peel quicker.

Professionals like CSR Painting take this part of the exterior painting process seriously, and we always clean, sand, and prime the exterior well before applying any paint. Preparation also allows the wood to absorb the paint more effectively and may even allow the team to paint the entire exterior with one coat.

#6 Take All Personal Safety Precautions

No matter the size of the home, painting a house requires carrying heavy objects, climbing up and down ladders, and risking exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. It is crucial that anyone planning to paint a building takes the proper safety precautions when embarking on this project. If the job uses a paint sprayer, safety precautions are even more important.

For example, some paints contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which release hazardous compounds in gaseous form. These VOCs are the primary, active chemicals in exterior paints, and prolonged exposure can cause:

  • Fatigue,
  • Dizziness,
  • Eye irritation, and
  • Headaches.

For homeowners who want to ensure a safe and healthy exterior painting process, it might be best to call in professionals like CSR Painting in San Diego, CA.

#7 Call Top-Notch Painting Professionals in San Diego, CA

CSR Painting understands that there are many factors to consider when choosing exterior paint, and it is part of what we do on a daily basis. Painting professionals like ours make any project easier, including choosing the right paint, preparing the surfaces, and painting everything safely and efficiently. We have all the equipment and expertise you need to give your California home a fresh new look.

Are you thinking about a new exterior painting project in San Diego, CA? Call CSR Painting at (858) 284-7743 today to find out more about the options.

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