Best Epoxy Garage Floors in San Diego, CA

Over time, garage floors handle a lot of use and mess and therefore need to be durable and easy to walk and work on. Traditionally, many people install epoxy garage floors or garage floor paints. But the professionals at CSR Painting in San Diego, California, use a more durable alternative to epoxy that dries faster and proves safer to install: polyaspartic flooring. 

Polyaspartic floorings look like epoxy but are a newer phenomenon in the world of garage flooring. Though a polyaspartic coating can initially cost more than epoxy or other types of flooring, those who choose this option often save in the long term due to its resilience.


Benefits of Polyaspartic Floors in Garages

Reap the many benefits of installing a polyaspartic floor coating system in your garage. Polyaspartic floorings are durable, beautiful, and safe. They will last and continue to look great for years. Residents of San Diego, California, can feel confident in their choice when they hire CSR Painting to install polyaspartic flooring in their garage.

Durable Material

By using a polyaspartic base and topcoat, our floors have greater strength and longevity than any type of epoxy flooring. Polyaspartic coatings enjoy more flexibility than epoxy alternatives, making them more resistant to damage and general wear and tear. You won’t find scuff marks or scratches in polyaspartic flooring as you might with epoxy.

Beautiful Finish

Polyaspartic garage floor coatings produce a beautiful, shiny finish. You have many different finishes to choose from when installing a new garage flooring. Polyaspartic flooring looks great no matter what finish you select. 

Some options look like traditional garage floors or patterns. Polyaspartic flooring can even have a similar finish to metallic epoxy flooring. No matter what you want your floors to look like, CSR Painting will work to get the job done.

In general, polyaspartic floors do not offer a non-slip coating and can become very slick when wet. We add a traction surface to all of our flooring projects, so you feel confident walking on it without slipping, even when wet.  

Faster and Safer Installation

We will go over our complete installation process in the next section, but overall, polyaspartic garage floor coating installs much faster and safer than epoxy garage floors. 

In general, epoxy floor coating has an easy but lengthy application process because it takes each layer about 16 hours to dry. So, the flooring installer has time to adjust the level and dispersion of the epoxy resin and hardener. This can mean they have more time to make the installation perfect, but it can also mean they have more time to mess up the process. 

In contrast, polyaspartic garage floor coating requires about one hour or less for each coat to dry. This means that each layer needs to be installed perfectly the first time. Thankfully, the professional contractors at CSR Painting have years of experience with polyaspartic coating materials and consistently deliver excellent results.

Another huge benefit of polyaspartic materials over any epoxy floor coating lies in their safety during application. The short drying time coupled with the odorless quality of polyaspartic flooring results in limited gas or chemical production during the installation process. On the other hand, epoxy produces harmful gases that require those installing the flooring to wear protective breathing equipment. 


Our Installation Process for Epoxy Garage Floor

Installing a new garage floor with CSR Painting involves a simple and straightforward process. Before booking your installation, our staff will gather information about the job. We will need to know the square footage of the floor you want to be installed and what you want the finished product to look like. 

Once you book your garage floor installation, our professional contractors follow three steps to complete the installation.


The first step in installing polyaspartic flooring includes preparing the concrete floor. For the correct chemical reaction to happen, ensuring the polyaspartic flooring bonds to the concrete, the floor needs to be clean, level, and free of moisture. This step might also require removing an old epoxy floor coating or other garage floor coating. 

Once the garage floor is free of any old epoxy or another coating, our staff will prepare the floor by grinding the concrete until level. With a smooth concrete surface, our team will check the moisture level in the concrete. If it measures too much moisture, a sealant may need to be installed before the polyaspartic base coat.

Base Coat

Once our staff has prepared the garage floor, they can apply the base coat of the polyaspartic garage floor coating. Before the topcoat is installed, our trained professionals will complete any decorative aspects of the flooring, like placing chips or flakes and making sure they all lie flat.

Top Coat

When the base coat and decorative elements are in place and dried, we can apply the polyaspartic topcoat and complete the flooring. Since each coat of polyaspartic flooring only takes about an hour to dry, the entire process can be completed quickly, and you can start using the floor right away. 

Epoxy floor coating takes about 16 hours to dry per layer, so the installation process is long, taking your garage out of working order for multiple days. With polyaspartic garage floor coating, the entire installation process takes less than one day.


Not Just Garage Floors

While garage floors comprise the most common type of flooring we install, CSR Painting specializes in other residential and commercial flooring projects. Whether you want to replace the floors in your garage, patio, pool deck, driveway, or corporate warehouse, CSR Painting can complete the job. 


Areas We Serve

CSR Painting, based in San Diego, serves areas throughout southern California, including:


Call Us Today

If you want to replace your garage or another floor with polyaspartic coating, call CSR Painting today at (858) 284-7743. We can’t wait to help you upgrade your flooring. 

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