The Difference Between Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing

On February 15, 2022

Cabinet refinishing is a great way to make small changes to the kitchen that can transform the space. Changes may involve altering the finish of your cabinets or replacing them altogether. Whatever you choose, hiring a team like CSR Painting to oversee these projects br9ings peace of mind that the changes will improve the beauty and durability of your kitchen cabinets instantly.

Is refacing the same process as refinishing when it comes to kitchen cabinets? The CSR Painting experts discuss some of the semantics behind these home improvement ideas, including some of the differences that may influence your final decision.

Are There Differences Between Cabinet Refinishing and a Refacing Job?

Instead of ripping your cabinets out, cabinet refinishing or refacing may offer the same results with less effort and more affordability. Let’s take a closer look at cabinet refacing and refinishing to see the differences. We will also add a few tips on how to choose the most suitable option.

Cabinet Refinishing

The refinishing process involves stripping off the cabinet stain or paint. Professionals like CSR Painting will generally achieve this through sanding or chemical removers. The process retains the existing door structure but removes the old paint or stain so that we can apply the new coat of paint in the desired color.

When Is Cabinet Refinishing an Ideal Choice?

Cabinet refinishing works well if the cabinet doors are made of wood. Wood is porous, and we can easily sand the top layers while the smooth surface beneath readily accepts the new stain or paint. If the cabinet doors are thermo-foil, refinishing will not work; thermo-foil doors have a vinyl wrap that peels when exposed to heat.

Refinishing is also not ideal if the change involves a new profile or style of cabinet doors. Refinishing changes the cabinet’s texture or color, which is enough to revamp an entire kitchen affordably. However, if you want to update the style of the cabinet doors, arched or raised panel cabinet doors are one example of features that can never look modern, regardless of the color paint you choose.

Cabinet Refacing

While cabinet refinishing involves the removal of the cabinet’s paintwork, a refacing project involves removing the doors and replacing them with new ones. Refacing also makes it far easier to update the cabinet box’s exterior with paint to match the newly attached doors. Alternatives include applying a laminate veneer to the exterior.

When Is Cabinet Refacing the Right Option?

If you are happy with a kitchen’s layout but hate the look of the cabinets, consider choosing a cabinet refacing contractor. It can be a highly cost-effective option that delivers the updated look you desire. Refacing can also work for recently installed countertops that have given the old cabinet doors a dated look.

Some people opt for refacing when they are planning to sell the property. It is a quick, simple way to overhaul an old kitchen in a way that might increase the home’s potential value on the market. A fresh-looking kitchen can go a long way in curating the right mood in this busy area of the home.

Choosing Between Cabinet Refacing or Refinishing Is Easy

So, should you go for cabinet refinishing or refacing? The answer depends on the condition of the existing cabinets and desired goals. Both options provide a simple, fast solution to boring or worn-looking cabinets.

A reliable contractor like CSR Painting can advise you on how to make dramatic changes to the look and feel of your kitchen without spending a lot on new cabinet boxes. Why take on the inconveniences of a massive renovation project when a quick replacement or repaint can achieve the same effect at a better price?

How to Transform Any Kitchen in Four Easy Steps

Cabinet wood refinishing is a simple process that only involves changing the color or finish of existing cabinet doors, but the outcomes do wonders for the space. If you have a kitchen refinishing project you are about to undertake, why not take advantage of our professional cabinet painters for flawless results?

The CSR Painting team can completely transform a kitchen in four steps:

  • Request a quote: Call us or connect with us online for a free quote.
  • Meet our painting professionals: We will send one of our experienced painters to discuss your refinishing project and take a look at the existing cabinets.
  • Agree on project scope: If the quote seems reasonable, finalize the project’s scope and let us prepare all the details for installation and painting.
  • Transform the space: Relax and watch our team deliver unmatched results that will revitalize your kitchen in no time.

Call CSR Painting and Let the Cabinet Refinishing or Refacing Begin

Refresh the beauty of your kitchen cabinets with professionals who care about your needs and expectations. Our reliable craftsmanship and unmatched customer service go hand-in-hand with our fair pricing policy.

Call CSR Painting at (858) 284-7743 today for cabinet refinishing services in San Diego County and the surrounding area.

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